Piano Notes

Support Local Music Shops

There’s nothing better than support local businesses, especially when it comes to the music industry.  All of the old experts in your area that deal with music on a regular basis and have proven their knowledge over the years could really use the extra money.  They provide a good personal service unlike these online music stores and other huge chains like Guitar Center.  These large chains and online places will usually have lower prices but the personal service just isn’t there.

My favorite music store in Winston Salem has great personal touch with all the knowledge you could ever need.  Jeff, the owner, has always answered any question I’ve had and even given some over the top tips to kids get started.  I always see them making the perfect recommendation every time I go in for some new gear.  This is what it’s all about when it comes to local business and especially the expertise you get at local music stores.

We also recommend taking a music class or two in person if you’re relatively new.  While our products and some other digital media can help you tremendously, there’s nothing like having someone help you in person.  They can spot exactly what it is that you’re doing wrong and help you get it on track.  It’s best to go with digital products first and then see what others are can help you with in person.  Most beginners are a bit stiff and make mistakes because of this.  You really have to get the flow and that can only mainly be taught in person.

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