Piano Notes

Piano Notes

Welcome to my blog!  We’re here to help you with your piano notes.  We aggregate piano videos and lessons and compile them all into one place for you.  Go ahead and give us a bookmark so you can come back and browse our site to find things to help you learn along the way.

Learning an instrument can be hard.  You need people around you that play music and can help you out as a mentor to really get going.  I’m hoping that’s what this website can be for you.


A little background about myself.  I studied music as a profession throughout college and I play piano regularly for usually lesser-known recording artists around the country.  Sometimes I play live but the main gig is playing the studio version of songs for people’s records.  In my down time, which is a lot, I like to post on this blog or a number of other websites that I run.  I have a passion for teaching and I’ve been giving piano lessons for the past two years.  Feel free to send over any questions you may have and I’ll try to answer them here in the blog for you.


We like to give shout outs to our sponsors that are usually involved with community projects that help with children’s projects such as after school programs and the like so keep a lookout for some of these small businesses because they’re doing a great thing.


Here is a chart of all of the chords:


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